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Get An Emergency Kit That Will Actually Save Your Life! Most Kits Look Fancy But Don’t Have What You Need In A Real Emergency.

Think Ahead Safety Kits, or T.A.S.K., is different.

My experience as an EMT-Paramedic and Firefighter has instilled a desire for insuring my family has simple, useful, and complete emergency kits in the home and car. I developed these kits to provide my family with quality items that have multiple uses which will get them through any manner of emergency for a week.

Now I am making the same kits that I use for my family available to you.

At no additional cost T.A.S.K. provides a wealth of information, updated twice a month, so that you will be confident dealing with any emergency situation.

Take advantage of our first-hand experience in emergency preparedness and training.

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Sponsor Those In Need

Would you like to help a family that cannot afford an Emergency Kit to receive one free of charge? Here is your opportunity.

Here at Think Ahead Safety Kits Inc. we would like to see everyone prepared for a disaster. Realistically we know that some individuals and families cannot afford to fit one extra expense into a very tight family budget. We want to help.

As our customer, you can help us provide Emergency Kits to those in need by adding a Sponsorship Package with your own kit or by visiting our Families in Need program page. Do this will allow you to sponsor an Emergency Kit for a family in need that has been approved by our program.

Additionally, for any 25 kits sold, including the ones with a sponsorship package added on, T.A.S.K. will sponsor a family in need with a kit.

Families in need can fill out our program application here.

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Why We Are Different

T.A.S.K. provides quality products, information and training to help you stay safe and healthy in a crisis situation. Our blog, free to everyone, is updated with safety and emergency preparedness information and anyone who purchases a kit is also provided with additional information in a monthly newletter.

When preparing kits, we ensure only quality products go in and we design them to so you can restock and reuse them when needed. We make sure to add enough water for several days, and also include tools and information on locating and purifying local sources of water, just in case. To conserve supplies, the food added does not require you to use your limited water supply to prepare.

There are many more differences we add to our kits so they are more reliable and so they insure you are prepared. Follow the link below for more information on why we are different.

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