Families in Need Sponsorship Program

Applicants in Need

Scherryl (AL)
John (KY)
John (PN)
Wiladel (Philippines)

We at Think Ahead Safety Kits Inc. would like to see everyone prepared for a disaster. Realistically we know that some individuals and families cannot afford to fit one extra expense into a very tight family budget. However, we are going to help.

Our customers will be given a chance to provide a safety kit to a family in need when selecting their product of choice. On each of our product pages we have an extra add to cart button that not only adds the selected kit, but also our Families in Need Sponsorship kit which we will send to an applicable family.

Additionally, anyone wishing to just sponsor a family may add a Family in Need Sponsorship kit to their cart using the button below and the kit will be sent to an applicable family.

Think Ahead Safety Kits Inc. will also sponsor an applicable family for every 25 Personal, Deluxe or Business kits sold, including the ones with a sponsorship package added on.

Individuals or families wishing to receive a sponsored BASIC Think Ahead Safety Kit will need to completely fill out an application and submit it through our web site (see link below "Sponsorship Application"). The applications will be reviewed, and if the applicant meets our selection criteria they will be notified by email and added to our Approved Recipient list and provided a sponsored BASIC Think Ahead Safety Kit as soon as possible. A regularly updated list of recipients is shown below in our Sponsorship Recipients Gallery.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: We would like to note at this time that we do not currently have the ability to ship our kits internationally, outside the USA. One of our goals, with the hope that this program is a success for those sponsoring people and those recieving kits, is to add international shipping within the first year. Any international applicants will still be added to our applicant list and when international shipping becomes available, we will start processing the Families in Need abroad.

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